Facebook‚Symphonies Of The Unknown‘ is the title of the new album of the German post-hardcore band DEFY YOUR DREAMS that is the follow-up to their debut EP ‚Curtains‘ (2013). After Benjamin
Stelter joined the band as the new singer in the beginning of 2015, DEFY YOUR DREAMS
started recording their first album.

Besides the recording in the own studio of guitarist Niclas Brinkmann, they also Instagramworked together with producer Benjamin Lawrenz from the Chamaeleon Studios in Hamburg, who says following about the work at ‚Symphonies Of the Unknown‘: “Finally new music of this genre, that is really fun listening to! Thoughtful arrangements, great hooks that will stick in your
head Twitterand the perfect dose of hardness. I hope the guys will continue being that diligent, because in this case I am sure they will move forward continuously.“

For DEFY YOUR DREAMS the album title establishes the relationship to their origin from a
Youtubesmall village near Bremen in the North of Germany and the difficulty to gain a voice for oneself in this area. “The ‚Symphonies Of The Unknown‘ are a metaphor for all our experiences and memories that shape our way as a band and that we want to express on this album”, says guitarist and vocalist Niclas Brinkmann.

Right from the beginning, all of the twelve songs offer powerful post-hardcore that also contains hard guitar parts as well as melodic vocals.

DEFY YOUR DREAMS started in 2012 and already shared the stage with numerous national and international bands and artists. One of the highlights was the show with German metal stars CALIBAN as well as their club-tour through the north of Germany. The main goal for DEFY YOUR DREAMS is to present their music to as many people as possible.


Defy Your Dreams (f.l.t.r.)
Arne Lüdemann | Lead Guitar
Niklas Teschner | Bass, Vocals
Oliver Wellbrock | Drums
Niclas Brinkmann | Guitar, Vocals
Benjamin Stelter | Vocals

March 2013: E.P. „Curtains“ (DIY)
February 2016: Album
„Symphonies Of The Unknown“
(Redfield Digital)

Contact for further requests:
Niklas Teschner